chocolate mousse
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Homemade chocolate mousse easy recipe

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Chocolate Mousse:

chocolate mousse

A luxurious chocolate mousse is a perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth, and yet feel light at the same time. The mousse recipe is a homemade easy and quick recipe.  So our Chocolate Mousse is made with a decadent deep chocolate flavor, rich yet fluffy like billowy clouds, and creamy smooth – Although a contemporary take on a classic French dessert. So this is a type of creamy dessert made with chocolate. But it may have been inspired by a similar dish known as “floating island.” although It is possible that the dessert achieved its modern form in France. 

How to make the right chocolate mousse recipe?

how to make mousse recipe at home

There have been many recipes for it, That have not pleased my palate. They have not been fluffy and aerated enough, So they’ve been too cacao-heavy, too sweet, or grainy. But many so-called “easy-to-make” recipes for it contain a large proportion of cream, Which results in something akin to custard rather than the real deal. While partial to other desserts myself, I generally tended to find that a lot of recipes, Were more custardy than was appealing. That’s why I rather like the look and texture of actual mousse and prefer it to dessert versions.

What is used for this dish?

chocolate mousse

So just 5 main ingredients, all good stuff we like: dark chocolate, cream, eggs, sugar, and butter. But make sure you use dark chocolate purchased from the baking aisle of a supermarket and not the confectionary aisle (eating chocolate).


chocolate mousse

 So all types of chocolate can be used, when it comes to making this dish. But one advantage of using cocoa (dark) chocolate is that it has a more subtle chocolate flavor – and I’ve found that as soon as you add additional flavors, like melted caramel or coffee, the nuances & subtleties of the cocoa base show up more. Although milk chocolate, it’s richer in taste and sweeter than dark chocolate so a little less is needed. But the higher concentration of cocoa solids (more brand) in your product range, So the less sugar, will be needed for a 1 kg pack. That’s why Chocolate intended for cooking is made especially so it melts smoothly and properly. 


homemade chocolate mousse recipe

So if you want to make an authentic, restaurant-style of this dish at your home, Then you have to use about three eggs for every half cup of heavy cream. The mousse is a homemade easy and quick recipe. But you will not achieve the same results with a homemade mousse recipe, That uses more than one egg per half cup of heavy cream. So there is simply no substitute for raw eggs. When whipping batter in this particular case. But since I already used up all of my allotted space for this blog post, So I’m going to leave it at that!


homemade mousse recipe

4 eggs

127g / 7.4 oz dark chocolate, bittersweet / 72 ٪ cocoa

12 grams / 4.0 oz unsalted butter

 1/3 cup cream

4 tablespoons castor sugar

More whipped cream as needed

Chocolate shaving to taste



So first of all separate eggs and yolks while eggs are cold. Then place the whites of the eggs in a large bowl, And the yolks in a small bowl. After this put the egg yolks in a separate bowl – So that they’re not going anywhere, But they’ll wait patiently as we complete all the other steps first. Now, before getting to the dozens of other tasks that await us today, So let’s start by preparing the ingredients for our “egg” recipe. Whipped cream and Beat cream until stiff peaks form. Then add sugar. Now beat the whites till they are firm and stand upright.

chocolate mousse

So whip up your heavy cream –  Now do this by adding the cold cream to the mixer and beating it by turning on the machine. Although begin by whipping the cream at its medium setting until soft peaks begin to form. Now add a pinch of sugar and continue to whip the mixture until stiff peaks begin to form. When you lift up your mixer’s whisk attachment, There should be peaks that are smooth. While waiting for that icing sugar-cream mixture to get properly whipped together, So that it may join with egg yolk batter, And eventually become your next dessert creation’s cake batter, So why not pop some popcorn or make some coffee? Now it helps take a break from all of these important tasks, But it also gives you time to figure out what your next steps are going to be. After this divide the mixture into 4 small wine glasses. Then refrigerate it for hours.


Calories: 377 calories (٪ 15)

Carbohydrates: 24 grams (5%)

Protein: 9 grams (16%)

Fat: 24 grams (38%)

Saturated fat: 16 grams (116%)

Cholesterol: 174 mg (54%)

Sodium: 95 mg (3%)

Potassium: (٪ 264mg (6)

Fiber: 2 grams (6%)

Sugar: 16 grams (23)

Vitamin A: 701IU (17%)

Calcium: 136mg (15%)

Iron: 2 mg (4%)


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