braised chicken recipe
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Simple Braised Chicken Recipe

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Braised Chicken Recipe:

braised chicken recipe

If you are looking for the Braised Chicken recipe, read this article and follow it. This is a method of cooking in which the chicken is thickened in a little cooking or boiled chicken is made soft, fragrant, and delicious. So preheat the oven and cook for at least an hour or more. So you can buy packaged chicken to call it.

braised chicken recipe

Then it becomes a thick broth and makes the chicken taste and flavor. So when you take a chicken, make sure that it includes the spinal cord. Now combine all the ingredients and put in the oven with the chicken, and prepare the rest of the food. You can also eat braised chicken with rice or mashed potatoes which makes it even more delicious. You can also put vegetables on one side of it.

Ingredients of braised chicken recipe:

1 (4 to 5 kg) whole chicken was cut, including the spine.

Salt to taste.

Pepper crushed to taste.

4 to 5 slices of bacon sliced.

1 chopped onion.

4 to 5 garlic

2 tablespoons tomato paste.

1/2 cup chicken stock, or water.

Rosemary 2 to 3 shoots.


Now first assemble all the ingredients, and preheat your oven to 300 F.
Then after drying the chicken thoroughly with a towel, add salt and pepper.
Then heat the oven over medium heat, and cook the bacon until it is tender. When the fat is gone, remove it and set it aside.

braised chicken recipe
Now add 1 breast, 1 thigh, 1 drumstick, and 1 wing from the chicken. Brown the chicken well for 5 minutes, and remove it to a platter, and repeat it with the other pieces. So last but not least, turn off the heat and turn off the heat.
Now add onion and garlic and fry well for about 3 to 4 minutes. When it boils, add tomato paste.
Now put the chicken and bacon back in the pot and add water. Boil with salt and rosemary.
Now cover it well and put it in the oven and cook for an hour.
Remove the lid and let the chicken cool for 15 minutes before serving the bananas.


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